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Spain is Music takes you to Spain and its traditional music: Flamenco, Celtic music and more. You will visit unique places, will taste new flavors and meet people, all with a soundtrack.
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Spain is Music takes you where the music happens, from music lovers to music lovers.

Join our trips, we will show you the rich spanish culture through historic sites and mouth-watering dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine.

Be part of a truly musical experience

Flamenco Dancer Music Tourism


Andalucía is an ecosystem of traditions, music, monuments and rich and healthy food.
All this happens under a wonderful sun that keeps the climate warm all year round. Seville is the region’s capital full of energy mixing the old and the new, Jerez is where Flamenco was born and Granada is the perfect place where La Alhambra was built.
Add to all this; fantastic wines, delicious tapas and lots of good music. Andalucía celebrates life, the good life, living for today

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Spain’s north-western region Galicia, a magic land that opens its doors for us.
We propose you a trip to discover amazing landscapes, wild beaches and thousand flavours coming from the land and the sea directly to your mouth. All this accompanied by excellent wines and traditional music.
Be part of this land’s history and understand why the Celts chose to settle here hundred years ago. Walk the St James Way (Camino de Santiago) just like one of many pilgrims that pass by year after year.

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This musical trip will take us to the South West, to Caceres, a World Heritage city according to the UNESCO.
This region is well known for its diverse landscape full of lakes and forests. Also, it is not possible to pass by without trying their delicious Iberian cured ham, cheese and wonderful wines.
Womad festival has been running for more than 20 years completely free. The concerts take place in many stages around the city.

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In this trip we invite you to discover the celtic world in Galicia. This land has welcomed pilgrims from all over the world as the end of the Saint James Way to Santiago de Compostela. Delicious fish and meat wait for the traveller together with refreshing wines and pastry.
We will enjoy the music from a festival that has been preserving, for more than 30 years, the celtic culture in a natural landscape that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

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Sephardic Jews and music in Spain

Jews lived in harmony for many centuries with muslims and christians leaving an important footprint before the expulsion
We will take you where they used to live, their traditions, jobs, food and how Music was always present in the everyday life of Jews. Let us surprise you with the undiscovered rich history of this amazing culture.
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Pau Casals was one of the 20th century’s greatest cellists, internationally recognized as one of the finest performers and orchestra conductors of his times.
He was also a staunch defender of peace and freedom. His numerous benefit concerts, his commitment to humanitarian actions and his various speeches at the United Nations characterized him clearly as a man of peace.
Come and see where he was born, how he lived and the sound of his beautiful music.
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Aragón is a diverse region that starts at the pyrenees and goes through the Monegros desert and Ebro’s river. Easter main characteristic here is the ritual use of drums, a sound and visual show that fuses the religious and the profane.
Lamb, ham, peaches, olive oil and wine will satisfy our gastronomic curiosity surrounded by a festive and passionate atmosphere. Drums, processions and fantastic food at a good pace

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These two northern regions are full of delightful traditions within its green and fresh mountains. Strong men and women labour the land with love and respect and their fruits come in forms of wonderful wines and fantastic meals. Music is always present through songs that talk about travelers sailing to the new world and young men searching for love. Coming soon



Nowhere in the world the sun shines as it does in this part of the world. The spanish mediterranean coast has witnessed the arrival of romans, muslims, jewish, christians….steeling their best traditions and food; olive oil, wine, saffron…..
Listen to fishermen singing about death and joy with a good of plate of fresh seafood and wish that the night never ends. Coming soon.