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About Us

Working and fun


We love music. Listen to a gipsy singing flamenco in Granada, feel the Easter drums in Aragón or join the fun of a celtic festival in Galicia. And what we like the most is being able to share this with you, our travellers friends.


The experience of feeling the music where has been played for centuries is as important as visiting the historical sites or taste the local food and wines. This will makes us understand the traditions and the history of Spain.


Our team works very hard to find authenticity in everything we offer.

We are travel guides, drivers, clerks, musicians, waiters, writers, explorers…..and above all, we love our work. We are obsessed with the details that makes possible to have a transforming experience.


A big thank you to all our customers for trusting their time and expectations in our company. We are aware of the big responsibility to show the authentic side of the Spanish culture. It is not an easy task as there are hundreds of wonderful options in this country.


We can only say one thing: relax, the journey is about to start.