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Spain is Music blog will take you closer to spanish traditional music, gastronomy, traditions, monuments, its people, nature. You will discover and enjoy our country with us.
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Welcome to Spain is Music Blog

Dear friends,

You will have the chance to know more about Spain through its music, culture, anecdotes, stories…..

But, not only Spain. We love to share the music that we find around the world, show you travels and travellers that makes us discover new places. We bring people from far away right at your doorstep.

We would love to know about you, tell us about your trips, feedback, travel soundtrack. We will tell you about ours.

Let’s travel together.


26 Jan Cadiz Carnival: Chirigotas

Carnival is approaching and Spain is full of very diverse festivities around this theme. In the south of Spain, Cadiz holds a very unique Carnival where music and funny lyrics are sung by a group of people called Chirigotas. Usually they dress up in crazy costumes and sing about everyday topics in a satirical way. Political issues or gossip news are...

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14 Dec Zambombá Flamenca

The joy of life is always present at the spanish festivities. Christmas is also a good excuse for the family to get together and enjoy the moment with so little. Only a guittar, a pair of hands and happy dancing. The Zambombá Flamenca is a typical Christmas carol with flamenco style. A good place to experience these parties is Jerez de...

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10 Sep The art of improvisation in Valencia: Cant d’Estil

It is always very exciting to find beautiful and powerful voices like Apa's, a valencian singer that for more than 30 years has been learning and promoting a specific style that is well known in the east part of Spain, more specifically around the Valencia Region, that is "Cant d'Estil". This style is more than 500 years old and it...

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31 Jul DEMANDAFOLK Festival

DEMANDAFOLK is a “non conventional”, free, traditional music festival, suitable for the whole family, which takes place the first weekend of August at Sierra de la Demanda (Burgos) They strongly believe that with projects like DEMANDAFOLK®, they contribute to Sierra de la Demanda revitalization, attracting a high quality tourism to the region. On the other hand, in view of the festival ́s...

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24 Jul The Folkpozoblanco festival

The Folkpozoblanco festival began in 1988 as a show of traditional music and dance (Pozoblanco, Córdoba)During this time it has evolved to show the variety of the folk music scene, and ethnic roots in Spain.Today, over 25 years later, Folkpozoblanco has been a place in the cultural and folk music landscape, where the most representatives bands have passed by; such...

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15 Jul Ortigueira Festival in Galicia (July 16-19)

Spain is full of festivals. The weather, food, Heritage and its people makes this country a wonderful place to show all kinds of music. If you like bag pipes, we have the perfect event for you: Ortigueira Festival in Galicia (July 16-19) Galicia is the north western region of Spain, famous for being the end of the St James Way. This...

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noches folk

03 Jul Noches en San Benito (Valladolid)

New folk music festival in Spain "Las Noches de San Benito". Four concerts in two days is the musical approach of this new initiative that will take place on 8, 9 and 10 July in Valladolid. The festival is starring folk music, traditional music and new music at the Patio of the Hospice of San Benito, which will host the proposals of...

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