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Spain is Music blog will take you closer to spanish traditional music, gastronomy, traditions, monuments, its people, nature. You will discover and enjoy our country with us.
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Welcome to Spain is Music Blog

Dear friends,

You will have the chance to know more about Spain through its music, culture, anecdotes, stories…..

But, not only Spain. We love to share the music that we find around the world, show you travels and travellers that makes us discover new places. We bring people from far away right at your doorstep.

We would love to know about you, tell us about your trips, feedback, travel soundtrack. We will tell you about ours.

Let’s travel together.


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01 Jul Olga Pericet

Versatile artist, magnetic dancer and untiring creator, Olga Pericet is one of the indispensable names in the present spanish dance. her respect for tradition is an essencial part of her creativity, although she maintains that the dialogue with our classic dance also has an uncorformist tone and a comtemporary vision. olga pericet exhales art even in the most subtle of...

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Cartel Festival Folk Segovia

22 Jun Folk Segovia

Folk Segovia is a music folk festival originating in the 80s. The festival presents each year rhythms and sounds of popular folklore and fusion music, promoting young Spanish bands too. Prestigious artists as Maria del Mar Bonet, La Vieja Trova Santiaguera, Diego El Cigala, Maurizio Martinotti ...

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Sin título-1

06 May Thermal Folk

Galicia is more than the Way of St. James. Orense is the province where you can jump into medicinal hot springs that will relax your body and prepare you for the many folk festivals around during the summer. Take a look to this offer for June. We call it Thermal Folk. What a nice combination. Do you want to join? THERMAL...

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28 Feb Flamenco festival of Jerez

The Festival of Jerez attracts some of the most famous flamenco artists in Spain. Performers and students also come from around the world to take part in specialized workshops and classes taught by some of the best flamenco instructors. For the casual observer and fan, the main attraction has always been the outstanding list of shows. In the edition of 2015...

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Amantes de Teruel

19 Feb Lovers of Teruel

If February 14th was Valentine's Day the 20th is celebrated in Teruel, Isabel's wedding. Based on the story of the lovers of Teruel, the city moves to the Middle Ages and plays the famous wedding of the legend of the Lovers of Teruel. The Lovers of Teruel (Los amantes de Teruel) is a romantic legend that is alleged to have taken...

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24 Jan Percebeiros

Short documentary directed by David Beriain on the history by Serxio Ces, percebeiro Cedeira, Galicia. Synopsis: Winds blowing, the sea hitting the cliffs. Barnacles grow at the very limit of the dangerous rocky shore where the sea expresses its rage and fierceness. Serxo and his mates walks through powerful waves. Courage and fear against common sense. There is no margin for error. Barnacles...

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24 Jan Sra Carmen, Na flor dos meus anos

A unique voice, deep and anguished,Carmen Navasal Pérez, better known as Señora Carmen, she was a popular cantareira (singer in galician) and member of the band "Malvela". Mrs. Carmen was one of the most representative voices of traditional Galician music. She was founder and soloist of the popular music band Malvela. She climbed  on stage for the first time when she was already...

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20 Jan Galicia

Galicia, Spain. Scenes include the cathedral (the shrine of St. James) and the Pazo de Raxoi (Raxoi's Palace) in the enchanting capital city of Santiago de Compostela; the newly designed Ciudad de la Cultura de Galicia (designed by renowned New York architect Peter Eisenman). Also, the lovely seaside town of Portosin; the preparation of one of Galicia's signature dishes, "Pulpo...

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20 Jan Children of flamenco

Documentary that shows how two kids have what we call in Spain, "duende", the art of flamenco. This film provides an authentic excursion into the world of flamenco music and the fascinating music culture of Spanish Gypsies. The documentary also tells an intimate story of two different paths to acquiring virtuosity and of the passing of music and life philosophy from...

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