Spain is music | Cadiz Carnival: Chirigotas
Carnival in Cadiz: Chirigotas
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26 Jan Cadiz Carnival: Chirigotas

Carnival is approaching and Spain is full of very diverse festivities around this theme.

In the south of Spain, Cadiz holds a very unique Carnival where music and funny lyrics are sung by a group of people called Chirigotas. Usually they dress up in crazy costumes and sing about everyday topics in a satirical way. Political issues or gossip news are twisted into intelligent lyrics that make laugh to those listening.

The people that are part of the Chirigotas are, usually, not professional singers. They work very hard all year round to create the songs and the costumes.

Cadiz is worth a visit. You can take the chance to swim in the beautiful beaches or drink some of their famous wines.


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