Spain is music | Celtic music in Galicia
Galicia is the land of celtic music and we take you to the Ortigueira Festival, full of celtic bands and world music next to the sea.
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In this trip we invite you to discover the celtic world in Galicia. This is Spain’s north west region. This land has welcomed pilgrims from all over the world as the end of the Saint James Way to Santiago de Compostela. A welcoming land and full of mysteries. Delicious fish and meat wait for the traveller together with refreshing wines and pastry.
We will enjoy the music from a festival that has been preserving, for more than 30 years, the celtic culture in a natural landscape that attracts thousands of visitors every year.


Day 1, Wednesday

We check-in at the Santiago de Compostela hotel where we will meet our travel guide who will inform us about the highlights of the trip, then we will leave to sample the first night in the city.

Day 2, Thursday

Today, we will spend the day discovering Santiago. This city has welcomed visitors and pilgrims for centuries. This is why you will feel at home as soon as you step on it.
With Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque influences, we go through the old town to discover its markets, monuments and streets. Also, we will have the chance to taste some food from Galicia at one of the many restaurants that will give us the strength to stay fresh until the night to enjoy some good folk music at local venues.


Day 3-4. Friday and Saturday

After a good breakfast, we will travel to Ortigueira, where the celtic music festival takes place. Once we arrive, we will explore all the important places where everything happens during the next two days. The festival is free and has different stages and lots of street entertainment. Although celtic music is the main attraction, other types of world music are also present. Well known bands and new ones will make you dance but you also have time to swim at the beach or visit the crafts market.

Day 5, Sunday

This is our last day and we head up to Santiago where we say good bye until the next trip.