Spain is music | Drums in Calanda, easter week
Easter is an important time for Spain and also in Aragon's region. Traditions, religion, music and drums create a very special atmosphere that you will only live here.
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Aragón is a diverse region that starts at the pyrenees and goes through the Monegros desert and Ebro’s river. Easter main characteristic here is the ritual use of drums, a sound and visual show that fuses the religious and the profane. Religion is still very important in Spain and you will feel the intensity of the moment while witnessing the parades. Seville is also an important place for Easter traditions.
Lamb, ham, peaches, olive oil and wine will satisfy our gastronomic curiosity surrounded by a festive and passionate atmosphere. Drums, processions and fantastic food at a good pace


Day 1, Wednesday

We check-in at the Barcelona hotel where we will meet our travel guide who will inform us about the highlights of the trip, then we will leave to sample the first night in the city.

Day 2, Thursday

We head up to Zaragoza, Aragon’s capital with more than 2.000 years of history where we will find amazing monuments from the romans and arabs. El Pilar, the largest Baroque church in Spain houses some authentic Goya paintings. And what about some tapas at the old quarter. We will also enjoy some religious processions always accompanied by the rhythm of the drums.


Day 3, Friday

Today we will go to Aragón’s deepest traditions in the little town of Calanda and will witness the Breaking of the Hour, that is the time where we pass from silence to the entire town playing drums at once nonstop until Saturday. One more time, this is the evidence that music brings the excitement to the traditions.

Day 4, Saturday

Back to Barcelona to take out the most from such an interesting and Cosmopolitan city; Gaudí’s Sacred Family, Gothic Quarter, the beach and of course, time to do some great shopping.
This city has welcomed many Andalusian immigrants during the last decades and this is why we will treat ourselves with a good flamenco show.

Music Tourism Flamenco Dance

Day 5, Sunday

After breakfast at the hotel the tour ends and say good bye until the next trip.