Spain is music | Flamenco in Andalucia
Andalucia is flamenco, and we take you to authentic shows. Learn about this music from experts and let yourself enjoy excellent tapas and delicious wines.
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South of Spain, full of history; muslims and Christians made this land what it is today. Andalucía is an ecosystem of traditions, music, monuments and rich and healthy food.
All this happens under a wonderful sun that keeps the climate warm all year round. Seville is the region’s capital full of energy mixing the old and the new, Jerez is where Flamenco was born and Granada is the perfect place where La Alhambra was built.
Add to all this; fantastic wines, delicious tapas and lots of good music. Andalucía celebrates life, the good life, living for today.

Duration: 8 days/7 nights
We will go over art and this land’s pleasures following the rhythm of a guitar, flamenco clapping and dance.

Music tourism Flamenco Dance

Day 1, Saturday. Seville

We start our trip in Seville, the beautiful and mysterious city that haunts you as soon as you put a step on its streets. And this is what we will do on our first day; discover Flamenco, main rhythms or “palos” and right after see a pure and classic Flamenco show. The night will continue with a delicious dinner with local food.

Day 2, Sunday. Seville

Today we will feel as natives by touring the main monuments; Cathedral, Giralda….and the most emblematic flamenco places in Seville. At midday we will visit the legendary gypsy neighbourhood , Triana, important spot for Flamenco. We will share some time with locals in their houses. We will learn how to cook a refreshing “Gazpacho” (cold vegetable soup) and listen to their stories and songs, just like a native. We will see pottery, tapas, festive costumes. At the end, more culture nearby, we will enjoy a show in one of the most charming and smallest theatres of the world.


Day 3, Monday. Jerez de la Frontera and Cadiz

We leave Seville and head up to the birthplace of Flamenco, Jerez de la Fronera.
Here we will drink Sherry and at the same time we will be part of a sensorial activity that will mix different flamenco rhythms and their relationship with the Jerez wines.
This will happen inside a centenary wine cellar surrounded by aromas and old oak barrels.

Later in the afternoon, Cadiz is waiting for us. Known as the city of joy or silver cup.
We will wander around its historical quarter while tasting mouth watering tapas. By the sea we will witness one of the most astonishing sunsets of Spain.

Day 4, Tuesday. Cadiz

We will spend the morning knowing more about the history of Cadiz. Pirates and Napoleonic Invasions are present in their streets.
After a nice walk we will be hungry and ready to go shopping at the food market and taste fresh seafood and local delicatessen.
Cadiz is a peculiar city because its Carnival and the music that comes out from this tradition called “chirigotas”. Ironic and burlesque songs that talk about current issues. Let’s enjoy and know more about them with local singers.


Day 5, Wednesday. Ronda and Granada

We go our way to Ronda. This is an important place to know more about an important part of the Spanish culture and history: Bulls.
We will walk around the city and visit the oldest bullfight square in the world.
Once we are finish, time to see real bulls in the middle of the country. See how they live and breed in a sustainable farm. We will also have the chance to receive a master class from a real bullfighter and taste local dishes in the same farm.

After lunch, we will depart for the beautiful Granada. According to the Spanish poet Antonio Machado: “All the cities have their charms, but Granada has its own and all the others”. This city has fascinated and excited writers and artists of all times. We know that this will also happen to you. You will fall in love here.

The day has been long and we want you to relax feeling the Arabic influence by enjoying the warm and cold waters of an impressive Hammam.

We will say good bye to the moon and dream about the wonders that wait for us in the next day.

Day 6, Thursday. Granada

We start the day with a visit to Alhambra. Palaces, gardens and a fortress, all perfectly integrated in the landscape that evokes the oriental nights six hundred years ago. One of the ten most important monuments in the world. Simply essential.

After savouring the rich Andalusí cuisine and walk the old streets of Granada, time to visit the most artsy quarters; Albaycin and the Sacromonte caves where Flamenco has seen many artists grow. In one of the caves we will join a flamenco dance lesson. Be ready to move your arms and legs to the sound of a guitar.

With the smile still on our faces we will have dinner while enjoying a flamenco show in the oldest Flamenco Club of the world. This club or “peña” still supports new artists as it has been doing since its origins.


Day 7, Friday. Cordoba

New day, new experiences. We drive to Cordoba. Today we will discover the Sephardic quarter; we will go back to the Jewish culture that coexisted with Muslims and Christians for centuries. Listen to their music that was so present in the every day routines and taste their particular food.

In the afternoon we will visit one of the most important monuments in the history of humanity; Cordoba’s Mosque.

The night comes and new surprises arise, anything can happen…….

Day 8, Saturday. Sevilla

The trip is over. Tired but happy we go back to Seville. We can’t say good bye. We say “Hasta pronto” see you soon, see you in the next trip.

When: All year