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Pirata Rock Gandía

12 Jul Pirata Rock Festival Gandía

The vast circuit of festivals in Spain hides unique oddities, events that leave the monothematic posters to unite different styles around the same scenario. One of those unique label festivals is Pirata Rock in Gandía (Valencia), a venue that is born of the miscegenation of styles such as rock, rap and fusion. From Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 July, artists such...

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Jazz trips Spain is Music

28 Apr 5 Summer Festivals for Music Tourism Addicts

Already thinking about your summer plans? Always looking for music events? Good food and nice landscapes are also part of your searching? Then you may be a Music Tourism Addict. Check out these different types of music festivals. Jazz, Classical Music, Indie, Folk or Flamenco music can be found in Spain during this summer. Enjoy¡ International Festival Cante de las Minas...

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band trip to Spain

30 Mar Band trip in Spain for Appleby College

It is always a pleasure to organize a trip for young boys and girls in Spain. In this case the Appleby College music band came all the way from Oakville in the province of Ontario in Canada. Organizing an itinerary through Spain for such young people is always a challenge. It is necessary to offer a balanced trip where education, live...

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Musical festivals and food in Spain

02 Feb Food and music festivals

Music Festivals and food in Spain We have already said many times that music and good food make a good couple. Spain is a country with countless music festivals, good weather and an overwhelming gastronomy. As for music there is a lot to choose from in terms of styles and places. Gastronomy from north to south and east to west is...

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Jazz music in hotels in Spain

19 Jan Hotels and Jazz Music

Jazz in Spain More and more hotels are doing more than hosting customers looking for a good bed to rest. Jazz music is finding in these establishments a place to attract those that practice music tourism. The atmosphere is different from that of a concert hall. The feeling is like having the band in your own house. Here you have three examples...

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Music tourism and wine in Spain

05 Jan Music Tourism and wine in Spain

Wine has been present in Spain since the arrival of the Phoenicians, hundreds of years ago. This drink has been placed at the center of many celebrations throughout our history. The wine goes very well with food but, now also, with music and tourism. More and more tourists are traveling to know and taste the local wines of the different...

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