Spain is music | Pirata Rock Festival Gandía
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Pirata Rock Festival Gandía

Pirata Rock Gandía

12 Jul Pirata Rock Festival Gandía

The vast circuit of festivals in Spain hides unique oddities, events that leave the monothematic posters to unite different styles around the same scenario. One of those unique label festivals is Pirata Rock in Gandía (Valencia), a venue that is born of the miscegenation of styles such as rock, rap and fusion.

Pirata Rock Gandía

From Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 July, artists such as Dorian, Macaco, Beret, Berri Txarrak, Nathy Peluso, Lola Indigo and La Habitación meet in Gandía. The list is still much longer.

The philosophy behind Pirata Rock is to recreate a landscape in which good vibes reign, the festive atmosphere of summer (you can bathe in its artificial lake, so bring a swimsuit) and a musical show to match that makes you remember anecdotes months after having attended.

Pirata Rock Gandía

Do you sign up for one of the most unique festivals in the country?

Pirata Rock Gandía
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